Secretary Of State Agreement

1. This Agreement exists between the State of Minnesota, office of the Secretary of State (OSS) and the natural or artificial person who accepts this Agreement, hereinafter “the Registered User”, and its affiliates, subsidiaries and all other subordinate users. In Illinois, Maine, and Michigan, the Secretary of State is responsible for issuing driver`s licenses, vehicle registrations, and collecting vehicle taxes. In many other countries, these tasks are the responsibility of an organization such as the automobile, transport or state police services. 20. The Registered User agrees that the Recordings remain the exclusive property of OSS, which retains all proprietary rights, including copyright in the Recordings, except as provided in this Agreement. The agreement only provides that the registered user has a license to use the recordings in normal mode. 14. Comments: OSS can be reached by e-mail to, by telephone or in writing.

A dozen states give the Secretary of State the task of issuing professional licenses. These include doctors, plumbers, beauticians, general contractors and, in at least two states, ministers (to perform marriages). In Nevada, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, the Secretary of State must release anyone who wants to be a sports agent for a professional athlete. 5. The waiver or failure of either party to exercise in any way any right under this Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of any other right under this Agreement. 10. According to Minnesota By-Law, Section 336.9-531, “the state, secretary of state, districts, district editors, and their employees and representatives are immune from any liability resulting from errors or omissions of information from the central file system.” 4. All dates on which OSS is required to perform under this Agreement shall be automatically postponed, to the extent that OSS is prevented from meeting them for reasons which are not adequately controlled. 21. Recordings made available by OSS in accordance with this Agreement shall be provided “as intended”.

The OSS does not provide any express or implied warranties, including implied warranties of market access and fitness for a particular purpose, except those expressly provided for in this Agreement with respect to data and documentation relating thereto. OSS guarantees that the data entered has been entered with appropriate care, but does not give any guarantee as to the accuracy of the information provided to it by the public. OSS makes no warranty as to the data entered by another party and is not responsible for the handling of information from such records by the registered user. . . .