Tulsa Public Schools Negotiated Agreement

Tulsa Public Schools Directives, textbooks and collective agreements are subject to revision and updating from time to time. To ensure that you have the most up-to-date information, we recommend that you return to this site frequently. Board Policy 2120 Use and Possession of Marijuana, Medical Marijuana and Cannabiliol (CBD) on District Property Collective Bargaining AgreementBeten between Tulsa Public Schools and AFT Local 6049. Find out how tulsa public schools merge with similar districts. Board Policy 4406 Use of Alcohol and Illegal Chemicals Click on a point below to view and download materials provided by Tulsa Public Schools to learn more about the district. Mastervertrag Tulsa Public Schools &Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association Support Personnel HandbooKPolicies & Regulations for support employees School Board Regulation 4406-R2 Testing for alcohol and illegal chemical substances (bus drivers) Learn more about Tulsa Public Schools departmental policies by creating a custom report from our database. Regulation 4901-R On Discrimination, Harassment and Reprisal Administrative ProvisionsSuspension, Downgrading, Termination or Non-Waste *N/A indicates that the issue was not addressed in the documents audited by NCTQ. ** The number of school district teachers, enrolments and demographics are from the 2016-2017 school year and are from the National Center for Education Statistics. Among the natives, there are Indians, Alaska Native Americans, and Hawaiian Indians.