Unattested Agreement

… Sworn insurances that, although not verified, must be considered and the application under section 25B (4) of the act must be heard on the merits. The Addl. The hiring controller held that the unconfirmed sworn insurance… irregularities and, as a result, have occurred. If the petitioner explicitly stated under oath that the content of the application was true, the fact that the sworn insurance, which has not been confirmed, was only a… Responsible for the treatment that the affidavit was filed because of unconfirmed impossibility and that it can correct the defect of the 16-1-90 affidavit certificate. The respondent objected to this request… untested documents. With respect to the offending decision, it is clear that the correct answer was not presented and was not present.

In case the petitioner could not show up on the day he… Petitioner`s office. The information was forwarded to respondent No. 2 in accordance with his request and the availability of the documents within the statute of limitations. Interviewees… Documents. The case was set for the hearing of 6.04.2015 and the petitioner was ordered to be present in person that day. It was also mentioned that, in case it did not appear then ex parte decision… The sworn insurance was defective, an opportunity to remedy the shortage may be granted, but the filing of non-certificateioder insurance under oath cannot be considered a technical defect or an irregularity with respect to the….

Vidya Sagar was assured by the owner`s lawyer that an unconfessed affidavit was not an affidavit at all. The court approves the argument of the court and its… The dependence on Vidya Sagar is not displaced. In Vidya Sagar, during the filing of her leave in defense of the registration of tenants filed an insurance without oath; but later, an application was moved to the section… This paper argues that Spec Head`s “agreement, interpreted as a left-right merger agreement is not only a possible agreement configuration, but probably the unique configuration of the agreement, contra Agree (Chomsl-2001). The first part deals with the internal agreement of DP in Maasai and in English. The maasai DP certified contract models are extracted from the Spec Kopf agreement (Koopman 2003a, 2003b). The documented and unredealed correspondence patterns come out of the syntactic hierarchy and bypass. The English distance sales contract in the DP does not support Agree, because an agreement can be triggered very early in the diversion.

The second part of the paper examines the individual cases that were taken to help Agree. I will show how each case corresponds indeed to the head of Spec, where the following play an important role: the agreement can be triggered under Pied-Piping, balance sheet for the long-distance agreement in Tsez (Polinsky and Potsdam 2001) and the agreement can be triggered weak in the bypass, as in the English existential constructions.