Uvu Work From Home Agreement

In order to ensure a safe return for all for the fall semester, we would like to remind students of their responsibility to respect the safety measures described here. It is clear from the guidelines of the federal, regional and local health authorities that the wearing of facial coverings (. B for example, masks, scarves, leggings, bandanas, visors) greatly reduces the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, students must wear face disguises in university buildings, in public spaces, including classrooms, while maintaining a physical distance of six feet. Students should wear exterior coverings when maintaining a six-foot distance outside is not possible. The coverings of the face should cover both the nose and the mouth. Students who cannot wear a mask due to disability, phobia or other reasons should contact the Accessibility Services Office, which will determine appropriate accommodation if necessary. In addition, face disguises are not necessary for people who eat or drink and a physical distance of at least six feet from any other person who is not from the same house or residence. Students who no longer comply with the requirement to wear the facial disguise may be in violation of the Student Health or Safety Risks Act (see Section of the Student Code) and are referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

The faculty and staff are first encouraged to discuss concerns with the students involved; If necessary, however, they may refer a student to the Office of Student Conduct under the direction of 801-863-8952 or marent@uvu.edu. Members of the university community can also submit an online report on a report link. Our university supports fair and equitable resolution systems, and we encourage an informal resolution process based on education, including discussions, to deepen the understanding of community responsibility. Repeated violations of the Student Law may be subject to progressive sanctions, including written warning, parole and suspension from the university. For more information on expectations about student behaviour, see the Student Code. Yes, yes. Faculty members who wish to teach remotely or online can do so. Their courses must be as robust as the F2F courses typical of their department and provide the same learning results as the F2F version of the course. Faculty members should work with the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) to ensure that their courses are organized in a way that is free and easy for them to navigate. There are a few types of courses that can end: will there be an additional period of illness for those who continued to work during the shutdown on campus? Will there be additional sick periods in the future to encourage employees to stay home if they are sick? One sick day a month is not enough if most diseases last more than 3 days, and we should only come back once without symptoms. Temporary Remote Work Agreement form uvu COVID-19 Self-REPORTING FORm for illness or exposure Back to work after illness or exposure FORM RETURN TO CAMPUS INFORMATION The Wi-Fi solution of this high school brings a new way of working to the entire campus. If an employee refuses to wear a mask in accordance with the required facial coverage rules, report your concerns to your supervisor.

In some cases, the use of a facial coating is not recommended. These cases should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis with the staff supervisor and, if necessary, with the human resources staff accommodation coordinator (EmployeeWellness@uvu.edu) and in accordance with Directive 152: accommodation for persons with disabilities.