Webex Business Associate Agreement

WebEx is a web conferencing and collaboration platform that helps companies connect with remote employees and partners as if they were in the same room. Hip-hop rules require covered companies to enter into a counterparty agreement with suppliers before suppliers can create, receive, maintain or transfer PHI on behalf of (or for the benefit of companies) covered (directly or through another counterparty) to perform functions of covered entities. WebEx is prepared to enter into a counterparty agreement with covered companies that wish WebEx to perform activities related to PHI. If this is the case and a counterparty agreement has been entered into with Cisco on the use of WebEx for Healthcare, WebEx is HIPAA compliant and can be used by healthcare organizations. Yes. With a signed business partnership agreement and proper use of the software, WebEx is HIPAA compliant. Cisco provides comprehensive documentation on features, technology, and security to help healthcare organizations perform their risk analysis. Cisco is also willing to enter into a Business Partnership Agreement (BAA) with HIPAA-covered companies or their business partners. For a collaborative SaaS platform to build trust, it must be reliable, powerful, secure, and compliant with the law and rules.

In addition, the platform must provide simple and efficient management, comprehensive business information, and powerful troubleshooting tools. Administrators should consider how the tools are used and how they can use them safely and within limits. To learn more about secure collaboration, go here. Cisco will also sign a business partnership agreement with HIPAA companies and their business partners. I think I need to have a BAA signed in the file, but I don`t see how to do it on your website. I am a mental health counsellor and wanted to use Webex for counselling sessions. You can leave a reply to thecenter110@gmail.com Hello David, please provide your email and I will log in. I also need a BAA.

My contact details are dmelbouci@tcc4change.com. Thank you very much. Healthcare organizations can use Webex as long as they receive a signed BAA from Cisco. Webex`s administrative and technical measures meet HIPAA requirements. However, health practices must ensure that Webex is configured correctly. Cisco clearly defines the responsibilities of both parties (Cisco Webex and the customer) for HIPAA compliance.