Our GRIFFON Upgrades are a Collection of pro made parts specially produced for Improving Thorens TD160 & Linn Sondek LP12. GRIFFON parts offer a range of possibilities in Hardwood Plinths all Handmade in Denmark, Lasercut and Anodized Faceplates, Decoupling Feet, Suspensions etc. All parts necessary for keeping the TD160/LP12 models up to date. Prices are fair, Quality is Excellent and Materials used are the best possible. Anodized surfaces meets BUGATTI requirements, Hardwood Plinths are accurate by +/- 0,2mm., and Lasercutting by 0,016mm. We have 15 years Experience in Lasercutting and Anodization, so here You will find a range ot items all Produced in Denmark or Germany. Custom made parts possible, please Inquire by Mail:


PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED HARDWOOD PLINTHS – THORENS – LINN – ARISTON etc. etc. Fits ULTIMA ALUMINUM SUSPENSION, separate advert. Tolerance Precision: +/- 0.2mm.Solid Hardwood, polished. Scroll down for various models. Compatible with the TD140 / 160 series. SPECIAL MODELS BY REQUEST – Thorens, Linn, Ariston, etc .: CALL US …Solid Hardwood Plinths, Pro Made – RCA holes as desired.  We also Restore and Surface treat Plinths for I.E. Thorens TD300-series, Roksan Xerxes etc.

GRIFFON KITs optional in: White Oak – Moondust Anthracite – Ash, waxed – Amr. Mahogany – Beechwood – Smoked Oak
Beechwood – Straight….. …..: EUR 140, – + Base/Feet: EUR 118, – = EUR 258,- (Kr. 1935,-)
Ash, Waxed………………………….: EUR 140,- + Base/Feet: EUR 118,- = EUR 258,- (Kr. 1935,-)
White Oak, Waxed………………: EUR 185,- + Base/Feet: EUR 118,- = EUR 303,- (Kr. 2200,-)
American Mahogany…………..: EUR 165,- + Base/Feet: EUR 118, – = EUR 283,- (Kr. 2125,-)
Smoked Oak……………………… : EUR 185,- + Base/Feet: EUR 118,- = EUR 303,- (Kr. 2200,-)
Moondust Anthracite / Ash: : EUR 185,- + Base/Feet: EUR 118, – = EUR 303,- (Kr. 2200,-)

GRIFFON BASEPLATE COMBINATIONS – Example: 3mm. Polished Aluminum w/2mm. High Compressed Bitumen damping on the inside. Included: 4pcs. Ø32 x 10mm. Aluminum Decoupling Feet in Polished Aluminum or Anodized black w/ o-rings for THORENS TD160 / 2001 & Linn Sondek. All Baseplates are recessed into Plinth. Precision: +/- 0,2mm. PRICE: CLICK TO ENLARGE

Vertical Stability is Important to avoid Turntable from tilting. This modern Carbon Steel Spring posses a better ability to use it`s own Force making it Considerably faster. Result is a firm Bass and an Excellent Clarity in sound. Steerper Windings prevents this Spring from being squeezed like an ordinary Piano Wire Spring. Incl. are new Silicone Grommets whch never gets hard and that does not touch the Bolts that keep Your Suspension together. Set of 3: EUR 28,-
C: Design, Production, Sale:

Technically Balanced for Max. Rotation and Steadiness. Easy fitting on Your own Bearing Design, Production & Sale:
Price: EUR 84,-

THORENS / LINN SONDEK: The TX2020 Crystal Clear Dust Cover is an improved version of the discontinued Thorens TX2001 model. Curved edges with a sloping front makes this Cover completely Transparent all way round and with Cutouts for metal hinges the TX2020 is the Dust Cover most Thorens owners want. Surface is Hardened and Scratch-resistant, end pieces are Welded so no Glue residue and no white lines along edges. UV-Resistant Quality.
TX2020 fits Thorens TD160 / 300 / 2001 Series perfectly. Price: EUR 110,-

THORENS: NEW BERGER-LAHR 16Vac or ALLIED MOTION 12Vdc motor for TD160 versions compatible with GRIFFON 2018 Control Board. We Offer both AC & DC Solutions. Mail for Price

GRIFFON 2018 Control Board for THORENS TD160 etc. – Advanced Control Board. New Professionally designed Control Board for Berger motors. Fits Thorens TD160 and 300-& 2001 Series. 
Precise Speed Adjustment combined with a small High Tech Board 4,5 X 12 cm. offers obvious Advantages and fits all models. Designed with Push Button start and trimmed for use with a Berger-Lahr motor for modernising especially the +45 year old TD160 series as they suffer from problems due to worn motors.
This AC Board can be aquired incl. new Berger-Lahr motor and new PSU. Minor changes in Your TT may be necessary, hence we urge You to mail Us before buying.  Price stated:  Advanced Control Board only. Price: EUR 265,-

THORENS TD160-Series: EASY-FIT Height Adjustable Aluminum Armboard for Thorens TD160-Series. Change Tonearm without disassembling entire Turntable. Easy-Fit Armboards are delivered incl. cut for Your Tonearm and they are Anodized in Black or Alu. Easy-Fit Armboards only available at Price: EUR 40,-

THORENS: 3mm. Anodized Aluminum armboard for TD321 & TD320. Precision lasercut, fits perfectly into Plinth. TD320 board incl. holes for Tonearm replaces org. part #7890024. Price: EUR 40,-

THORENS: VINTAGEAUDIO SPECIALS – PRO CRAFTSMANSHIP at HIGH LEVEL: Shown a 4mm. Armboard in BEECHWOOD supported by a recessed 2mm. Aluminum plate from below.
This prevents Cracks and gives sufficient Material when Tonearm is tightened. Smoked Oak / Aluminum Armboard for ULTIMA STEEL and Beechwood / Aluminum Armboard for TD160 Revised models Fits also most original Thorens TD160 models. Design / Production / Sale:
Copyright violations Prosecuted without Notice. Price: EUR 58,-

THORENS TP95 Headshell: # 7890019 EUR: 125,-
THORENS TP90 Baseplate: Low Stock EUR 79,-

THORENS: TP90 LUXURY ARMREST in Anodized Aluminum. Arm opening adjustable. Shipping to the EU incl. in Price: EUR 20,- Worldwide: +3-5,- Design, Production & Sale by only

THORENS: TP95 Fixed Headshell is a possibility if You only use one Cartridge. New Connector and new Litz makes it possible to Exchange Headshell using a Hex key. Litz will remain attached to the Tonearm. Price: EUR 65,-

GRIFFON UPGRADE BELT: Prevents Belt from slipping off Pulley on Thorens models with low Pulley, I.E. TD2001/3001, TD320 Mk.III. Quality: Belt with higher content of Rubber and less Neoprene results in a better Grip around Pulley. Belts are specially produced in Germany for Price: EUR 20,-
We ship Worldwide as standard Letter

THORENS: Rubber Mats in 3, 5 & 6mm. Turntable Construction is tuned in for use of Rubber Mats on Thorens models, this way best possible sound is always achieved. For years they have been Out of Stock, however we normally have a small Selection available. All Mats are cleaned and polished for schratches etc., Condition is very close to new. Prices: 3mm. Plains with label Recess / TD316, 318 etc. : EUR 45,-
5mm. Fluted with label Recess / TD160, 160S etc.: EUR 50,- 6mm. Concave with label Recess / TD320, 321, 2001, 3001: EUR 75,-

THORENS: INERTIA 400 gr. Aluminum Upgrade Ring Improves weight and drive on Thorens models with Resin Inner Platter. INERTIA also fits Zamak Platter. Aattached with Silicone INERTIA will have a Damping effect also. Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to Improve Your Turntable. Price: EUR 28,-

THORENS: TWO-COMPONENT BEARING OIL – Especially made for 10mm. Vidia Bearing with 80-year Warranty. Incl. postage to the EU EUR 15,–

Improved Adjustment Bushings, Lock Nipples and Steel wire for Thorens TD300 / 500- & 2001/3001 Series. Complete set for one Turntable assembled with new Wire: EUR 40,-. We sell parts also, please Mail Us if You need for only one Leaf Spring etc. Replaces org. parts: 7646039 / 6646004

THORENS: 1 set of Metal Hinges. Price: EUR 50,-
THORENS: Replacement Caps for Leaf Spring adjustment on 300-/2001 Series. 3 pcs. EUR 22,- incl. Free Shipping / EU

Thorens TD321 Original & Custom made Armboards  With or without various VTA Shims etc., here shown for SME, Audio-Technica & Rega arms. Boards without VTA Shims and Custom made Boards possible, please Mail or Call Us. Aluminum Armboards for both TD321 and TD320/TP90 versions also optional. Price stated for TD321 Armboard in MDF without VTA Shims. EUR 55,-

Thorens TD300-Series: Restored Baseplate incl. all accessories and Tac-5 Tonearm Connector / ViaBlue Silver Cables: EUR 86,-

THORENS: Control Board: Complete Restoration EUR 90,- – Exchange to Identical Renovated Board EUR 75,-

THORENS: BLACK PLATTER: One of Our Specialities are Black Platters, buy or Exchange Your own. Black Platter: EUR 60,- / Exchange EUR 42,-.
Thorens Jubilee Platter in Black with shiny Edge occasionally. Price: EUR 125,-

DC Chassis Connector in Metal. Threaded for easy fitting. Pcs/EUR: 4,-

Turntable Upgrade: Complete Set of 2 Nakamichi RCA, 1 x Metal DC Plug & Ground Connector 6mm. Threaded, fits also Banana plug. Set/EUR: 12,-

Thorens Belt 6800574: EUR 35,-

Circuit Board 2 x 2,5cm. for Tonearms Litz Connections. Presoldered 2 x 8 holes connected two by two. Price: EUR 1,-

Laser cut top plate with perfect fit ift. Base frame: tolerance +/- 0.2 mm.
ALU, BLACK and STAINLESS STEEL. Only at VintageAudio you get: LUXURY: Same standard used for example: B & O – AUDI – BUGATTI and others. Elegant upgrade that also rejuvenates old models.
Be aware of cheap Low Budget copies often made from mixed Alloys. Anodizing is an expensive electrochemical process that ensures perfect Results IF metal Quality applies. Lasercut & Anodized Faceplate Alu or Black: Dkr. 490, – / EUR 65, -. Stainless Steel: Dkr. 700, – / EUR 92, –
Plaque supérieure découpée au laser avec ajustement parfait ift. Cadre du socle: tolérance +/- 0,2 mm.
ALU , NOIR et ACIER INOXYDABLE .Seulement chez VintageAudio vous obtenez: LUXE: Même standard utilisé par exemple: B & O – AUDI – BUGATTI et autres.Mise à niveau élégante qui rajeunit également les anciens modèles. Sachez que de nombreuses pièces “délicieuses” ne sont que de la peinture en aérosol. L’anodisation est un processus électrochimique coûteux qui ne peut PAS être peint.
Le pouvoir, le chauffage, la vapeur et la chimie sont écessaires. Nous avons 15 ans d’expérience dans la découpe laser et l’anodisation. On sait de quoi on parle … Voir d’autres annonces avec des pièces sur mesure pour modèles divers
Lasercut & Anodized Faceplate Alu or Black: EUR 65,-. Stainless Steel: EUR 92,-

GRIFFON KITs optional in: White Oak – Moondust Anthracite – Ash, waxed – Amr. Mahogany – Beechwood – Smoked Oak

TD160 REVISED & LINN SONDEK LP12: New Muted Sandwich Sub-Suspensions soon ready from Lasercutting – Prototypes temporarily shown below


SELECTED MODELS – STYLISH RESTORATION as well as a large selection of ORIGINAL and PRO. PRODUCED SPARE PARTS & UPGRADES: PLINTHS – ARMBOARDS – MOTORS – CONTROL BOARDS – BASE PLATES – SPRINGS, etc. New original parts and pro upgraded parts for the very best Thorens models TD320 – TD321 – TD2001 – TD160 S. NO EXCHANGE: TD145 / 146/147 + TD165 / 166 + TD316 / 318 + TD125 / 126: Unfortunately, we no longer exchange these models: TD145 / 146/147 + TD165 / 166: The starting point for upgrading is too bad, almost everything needs to be replaced. Inner plates in fiberglass, 7mm. bearings, old-fashioned tone arms, worn motors etc. It gets too expensive. TD125 / 126: Approx. 50 years old. The age alone tells a lot about these two models. A colossus of clay feet: An overly heavy work on excessively soft springs placed in an excessively flimsy box of thin, glued chipboard. Old tone arms, steering print / engine problems, hard-to-reach spare parts etc. makes us prefer to avoid the models. TD316 / 318 Mk.II: The models usually have very old-fashioned / cheap tone arms, inner plates in fiber plastic, 7mm. bearings Here too, it will be too expensive to rebuild considering the result you get. TD2001 / 3001/325/350 we upgrade. This is much needed, all models are born with too soft Suspension/Springs. Please Inquire further.

ALUMINUM DECOUPLING FEET – PRO DEVELOPED – PRO PRODUCED – ANODIZED BLACK / POLISHED ALUMINUM w/ O-RINGS Fits practically all Tuntable models – Can be fastened with either Bolts, Rivets or Glue. Discreetly made at size: 32mm. x 10mm. Produced by VintageAudio since 2010. Price stated: Wooden Box containing 4 Feet as shown on photos. Mail Us for variant: Alu / Black. Price: EUR 33,-


DK: 3,2 kg. gedigent Egetræ: Bestil en ny Plint til din gamle LP12, du skifter den nemt selv. Professionelt fremtillet med tolerancen +/- 0,2mm. Plintene kan bestilles i den facon du ønsker, med riller eller en glat model vist andetsteds på siden Plintene har et betydeligt højere kvalitetsniveau end de originale og dyrere Linn plinte. Vi hjælper dig gerne med opgaven, også med de øvrige ønsker du måtte have. Samtidig giver vi gerne et rigtig godt tilbud på ny tonearm og/eller Pick-Up, Eventuelle opgraderinger som f.eks. bedre fjedre, udv. RCA, nye Armboards i div. træsorter hjælper vi også gerne med, altid professionelt fremstillet og diskret udført. Forhør gerne nærmere, husk venligst tlf.nummer hvis du mailer os. ******* DE: 3,2 kg. Solid Oak: Bestellen Sie einE neue Zarge für Ihr altes LP12, Sie können es ganz einfach selbst austauschen. Professionell hergestellt mit einer Toleranz von +/- 0,2 mm. Die Sockelleisten können in der gewünschten Form bestellt werden, mit Rillen oder einem abgeschrägten Modell, das an einer anderen Stelle auf der Seite angezeigt wird. Die Sockel haben ein deutlich höheres Qualitätsniveau als die originalen Linn-Sockel.. Gerne helfen wir Ihnen bei der Aufgabe, auch bei anderen Wünschen. Gleichzeitig möchten wir Ihnen ein wirklich gutes Angebot für neuen Tonarm und / oder Pick-Up unterbreiten. Alle Upgrades wie Bessere Federn, ausser RCA, neue Armboards in div. Wir helfen auch gerne bei Holzarten, die immer professionell und diskret hergestellt werden. Bitte erkundigen Sie sich, bitte merken Sie sich die Telefonnummer, enn Sie uns eine E-Mail senden. Price: EUR 340,-

DK: NY MOTOR – NY STYRING – NYT FLYDENDE OPHÆNG – ORG. RTS HANDCRAFTED & PRO PRODUCED UPGRADE PARTS – WORLDWIDE SHIPPING:More than 35 years of Thorens experience makes a difference … Additionally 15 years of experience in Laser cutting and Anodization / Chemical Polishing, will secure You the best parts for Your Thorens.Faceplates, baseplates, feet, anodized surfaces, etc. are all professionally produced, no spray-painted parts etc. . This quality ensures the absolute best quality, durability and Superbe appearance – TD160 Revised models: Price starts at 1980,- / DIY Upgrade Kit
SPECIAL SOLUTIONS OFFERED: Laser cutting – 3D Milling – Anodization. So if you’re missing a part for your turntable, Inquieries by mail welcome.

Pro made Luxury Plinth for Linn Sondek / Ariston RD11. White Oak Polished / Moondust Anthracite. Straight or Wedge model: EUR 340,-

DIY Kits for Modernizing and Upgrading Your Own Thorens TD160 or Linn Sondek LP12 etc.: TD160 – TD2001 – TD3001 – Linn Sondek – Ariston RD11 Solid Aluminum Base plate – Faceplates made of finest aluminum quality Anodized BLACK or ALUMINUM Standard DS75EN accordingly – Best Quality STAINLESS STEEL Faceplate for Thorens or Linn Sondek, light sanded Surface. 4 anti-vibration feet, polished aluminum H: 10mm. D: 32mm. incl. O-rings for disconnection, Order in BLACK or ALUMINUM. Ready for use EASY-FIT Armboards, Height Adjustable and incl. cut for Tonearm of Your choice. Worldwide Shipping buý DHL IntraShip – Low Cost

Mange kombinationsmuligheder for sammensætning af en TD160 Indlever din gamle TD140 – 166 model og få den ombygget til en ny maskine, nøjagtig som du gerne vil have den fra 2800,- Begge med udgangspunkt i din gamle 140-160 Serie, og du kan samtidig få et SUPER GODT TILBUD på f.eks. en NY TONEARM eller en NY PICK-UP. TD160 Upgrade Kit bestående af Plint, Topplade i Alu eller Sort, Bundplade i Alu og 4 Alu fødder: Dkr. 2140,-



NY STYRING til NY BERGER MOTOR – Eneforhandling:
PROFESSIONELT NYUDVIKLET ELEKTRONISK STYRING samt NY BERGER motor til Thorens TD160-serien. Størstedelen af de op mod 45 år gamle motorer i 140-160 serierne, er grundet deres alder temmelig slidte. De fleste har mislyde som kan repareres og fjernes for en periode, men mange bør udskiftes til nye motorer. Reparation af mislyd: 540,- Holdbarhed anslået + 5 år. En NY Berger-Lahr 12vac motor NYUDVIKLET styring
NY støjsvag PSU: Ialt 2060,- SAMTIDIG får man, på flere modeller, fjernet den gammeldags 220v. ledning fra bagsiden. At sætte 220v. ind i en følsom pladespiller er en dårlig ide, desuden helt unødvendig. Strømmmen skal VÆK fra pladespilleren, så er man helt sikker på at undgå problemer. En ny Berger motor kan motor monteres med mulighed for at stramme remmen. På denne simple måde kan du holde trækket på tallerkenen optimalt i hele remmens levetid. Premotec Upgrade: Se separat annonce – Forhør gerne nærmere pr. telefon: 29 28 99 21 VI BYGGER… VI BYGGER OM… VI BYGGER VIDERE…