Auth. Dealer – Repair – Exchange Very experienced service workshop – Service is performed, please inquire. At VintageAudio there is always a fair and reasonable price level, also on repairs of the eminent German High End amplifiers. Restek service and repairs are extremely demanding and make very high demands on the repairman. We cooperate with highly specialized and very experienced service workshop, we are happy to provide assistance. Restek Update Service in Fuldabrück accordingly.

Forhandling – Reparation – Indbytte
Særdeles erfarent Serviceværksted tilknyttet – Update Service udføres, forhør nærmere. Hos VintageAudio er der altid et fair og fornuftigt prisniveau, også på repararationer af de vellydende tyske High End forstærkere. Thorens-Restek og Restek er det samme, altid bygget hos Restek, apparaterne blev i en årrække solgt gennem et stort Thorens forhandlernet, deraf navne-forvirringen. Restek service og reparationer er yderst krævende og stiller meget høje krav til reparatøren. Vi samarbejder med højt specialiseret og meget erfarent serviceværksted på området og vi yder gerne assistance ifm. Restek Update Service i Fuldabrück.

Restek Update Service:

FRONT-FIX: New Lasercut / Anodized Frontplate for I.E. your Restek Challenger, Tensor, Vector, Event, Sector etc. etc.Exchange your Brass/Chrome front with a new Black or Aluminum front. Scratches/Damages eliminated. Here shown in raw Aluminum for a Restek Challenger incl. new Buttons, Price: Dkr. 1100,-


SERVICED and READY CHALLENGER: Black Restek Challenger – Item history known. Serviced / Warranty Price: EUR 1120,-

Trigon SnowWhite II pre w/ Update Service + Restek mma-5 Mono amps Completely Refurbished

TRIGON SNOWWHITE II – High End preamp w/Update Service:
From Auth. Dealer the well known SnowWhite, here in Version II wich includes XLR Connectors & New Remote.
Updated at + Restek mma-5 Mono amps. w/ New Capacitors, Relays etc. and furthermore Anodized in MATCHING COLOURS: Front Alu and Cabinet Black. Price: EUR: 1600,-

2 X RESTEK ES-3 PRESTIGE Power Amp with Pro Service (1 Sold / 1 Reserved)

26 kg. Restek Power amp. soon ready from Pro Service. A Genuine Classic, very powerful amp. wtih focus on Musicality instead of producing Immense amount of Watts. 2 x 125 w. / 8 ohm is what you get, but with extensive amounts of Power Reserves. Almost identical to the Restek Tensor which for years have been one of Resteks most Wanted Power Amps. The ES-3 Prestige pulls all Speakers without any difficulty. LNew price very high, hence the ES-3 Prestige is a rarely seen for sale. Condition is fine and Price Tag is showing:
EUR 1440,- / Pcs.

Serviced RESTEK SECTOR incl. PSU + ES-3 Prestige Power amp

26 kg. Restek ES-3 Prestige Power amp w/Update Service + Sector Pre in MINT ready app. early February. ES-3 Prestige is similar to Restek Tensor but with a plain, black front. For perfect match, the ES-3 will be fitted with a new Lasercut/Anodized front in 19″ like the Sector. This excessively rare Restek amp set will then present itself as new. ES-3 Prestige is impossible to buy these days, for years it has been chased by Restek fans. Price incl. trimming ES-3 Prestige by Restek engineer in Fuldabrück. Warranty & Shipping Worldwide by DHL IntraShip. Price: EUR 2380,- (Reserved)

Harman Kardon PM665 Integrated amp. – 2 x 190 w – Condition: 9,8/10

Matti Otala Construction: Rare and Exceptionally fine Condition – Single owner, amp. presents itself very very close to new. Serviced Oct. `19, ready for sale. Price: EUR 820,-

Dealer Item incl Auth. Service and MINT Condition. EUR 800,- (SOLD)

PHONOSOPHIE Bi-Stage 1+2 Power Amp:
Handmade German High End of undisputable Quality. Built-to-Order in Hamburg DE at a certain Price level. This Single Owner Amp is in absolutely fine Condition: 9,8/10 and Org. Box is incl. Pro Serviced and sold Incl. Warranty EU Ruleas accordingly. Worldwide Shipping by DHL Intraship or EMS Pacsoft. Price: EUR 925,- (SOLD)

Ready from Service-check a very fine amp. in Condition 9,8/10. Unique sound Classic, shipped Worldwide by DHL IntraShip. No Exchange: EUR 1120,- (SOLD)

Restek Correct – Freshly Serviced – Customer Order (SOLD)

Pro Serviced Restek Vector – Dealer-to-Dealer item – Restek Update Service – Condition 9,8/10. Often mentioned as being one of the very best Preamps ever produced. Sublime RIAA and External PSU are just two of the many advantages this Class A Preamp offers. Auth. Restek Dealer. Incl. recent Restek Update Service and a fresh Service check, this Vector is among the most hunted Preamps around the World. Vector is Handmade Quality in a class of its own, just as the Sound. Very few Preamps delivers Musicality at this level, and with a Visually strict design a Vector will fit anywhere. Warranty: Always buy Restek at Auth. Dealers. Price levels are fairly high, best to be secured from amateur Sellers. Price: Dkr. 7800,- (SOLD)

Restek Vector incl. Pro Service and near MINT Condition: 9,8/10: Another one of the very best Preamps ever built. Single owner Item in perfect Condition: Dkr. 7800,- (SOLD)

Restek mma-5 Mono amps ready for sale mid January in Pro Serviced Condition incl. with new Surface Treatment. Price: Dkr. 5000,- / EUR 665,- (SOLD)

Super Classic preamp from the well known dedicated Berlin company. Absolutely High End amp with MM/MC RIAA. Though a Vintage model still a Milestone within Burmester foundation models. From dealer, sold Serviced incl. Warranty EU Rules accordingly. Price: Dkr. (SOLD)

Less than 2 year old Mono Amps soon ready for sale. App. (SOLD)

Very rare model from Bryston.New Potentiometers, Relays etc. Condition 9,7/10 Price Set: Dkr. 9500,- / EUR 1265,-,- SOLD

Bryston 3B – Completely refurished late 2019 SOLD

AVM EVOLUTION V3 + Competition Dual Mono Premium Handmade High End preamp with very rare RIAA Upgrade. Condition: 9,8/10 Serviced. Price: 7300,- (SOLD)

Restek Consens High End Preamp (SOLD)

Condition 9,9 / 10, a single owner, Serviced High End preamp w/ Warranty Temp. photo. Price: Dkr.: SOLD

Restek Vector II incl. recent Restek Update Service – Condition 9,9/10

Legendary Preamp Vector II in Perfect Condition & Warranty. Restek Update Service Performed. (SOLD)

Restek Factor 2 x 150w 4-ohm Integrated Condition 9,9/10: Integrated amp. w/ External and very Powerful PSU. UPDATE SERVICE and near MINT Condition: 9,9/10. MM/MC RIAA. Ready for sale. Price: SOLD

Number 1 of 3 :Handmade High End Integrated Amp. Fine Condition, incl. Excellent RIAA & 2 x 150W / 4 ohm. Very rare item: (SOLD) * Number 2 of 3:Handmade High End Integrated Amp. Fine Condition, incl. Excellent RIAA & 2 x 150W / 4 ohm. Very rare item: (SOLD) * Number 3 of 3: Same Condition as Numbers 1 and 2 above. Price: (SOLD)

AVM EVOLUTION A2 – Perfect Condition, History known Integrated High End amp with known History / Owner. Follow website. (SOLD)

Restek V2 pre + MMA-5 mono amps incl Service / Upgrade Mono amps: New Capacitors / Gain removed due to elimination of loss in Signal. Serviced June `19. V2 pre Serviced accordingly. Condition: 9,8/10. PSU incl. (SOLD)

Restek mma-5 Mono amps – 3 sets (ALL SOLD)

ALL SOLD – 3 x SUPER CLASSICS. Legendary Handmade Restek mma-5 Mono Amps in both Serviced and Updated Versions. Always buy Restek from Authorized shops – Advanced handmade electronics best Serviced and kept Original by experienced personnel. 

Restek mma-5 mono amps for sale. Pro Serviced and Refurbished w/new Capacitors. Price incl. Warranty (SOLD)

NEW ITEM: CITATION Twenty-One & Twenty-Four Classic Amp set in Serviced Condition: 9,7/10.
Harman Kardons Classic amp set with pure American sound, lots of Dynamics og extraordinary powerful Power Supply. Both items Pro Serviced June `19, and the set presents itself in very fine Condition. Ny Scratches etc. on fronts. Preamp 21 with built-in double RIAA, MM/MC. Items from known Customer, can be checked/delivered in areas 7700 and 4700. Set sold in Private Commission – VintageAudio guarantees present description. Price: SOLD

Restek V2 Pre + V-MOS Power FET mono amps: EXTREMELY RARE Restek Vintage amp set. Advert expanded as soon as possible. Sold Serviced. Price: SOLD

Restek Event Power Amp, Chrome w/ Update Service

External Heavy Duty Power Supply built w/ 2 x 150 W / 4 ohm makes this elegant amp. the perfect match for a Vector preamp. Special Order – Item Sold

Trigon Audio Handmade in Germany

Gennem en del år har vi forhandlet de fine håndbyggede Trigon forstærkere – Som bekendt, nært beslægtede med Restek jvf. tidligere sammenfald af konstruktører.