RIAA equalization is a specification for the recording and playback of phonograph records, established by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The purposes of the equalization are to permit greater recording times (by decreasing the mean width of each groove), to improve sound quality, and to reduce the groove damage that would otherwise arise during playback.

HANDPICKED SELECTION of Phono Stages, all at affordable Prices. Buying a new Phono Stage must be offset in relation to the Cartridge level. Combination is the Key word so it is Important to get a good match. With many years of Experience on Phono Stages we can offer you Valuable assistance for choosing the right Phono Stage. We are always ready to give You an advantageous Offer too.

Internally, the RESTEK MINIRIA consists of two separate identical Mono precursors with two stages of amplification and an active and passive RIAA equalisation. The input sensitivity of the amplifier stages can be adapted in an area of + 32 dB to + 64 dB, to compensate for the volume differences of the various pickup systems. The phono output drivers connect to the preamplifier . The low output impedance of 50 ohms and the maximum current of up to 35 mA rms this driver stages allows on the one hand a correct cable adjustment and on the other hand the use of sometimes unavoidable long connection cables between the phono and the preamplifier, without compromising the music signal through the cable. All parts of the electronics of the MINIRIA are DC-coupled, it is possible to transmit also the lowest frequencies. This means it can transmit a signal without distortion and phase-fixed in the lower frequency range. Noise and crosstalk are perceptible only to the limit of the measuring. EUR 580,-

TRIGON Vanguard II – Phono stage for MM and MC systems. Externally accessible dip-switches allow perfect matching of gain, impedance and capacitance to suit a wide range of phono cartridges. Its external power supply allows to install the Vanguard II phono stage near the turntable, maintaining a short and direct signal path while minimizing interference. Affordable high value – excellent sound and outstanding built quality! EUR 530,-

RESTEK MRIA+: The PhonoPre is used to amplify the smallest voltages emitted by the pickup system
and also for the linearization of the pre-equalized signals on the record.
Like the simpler MINIRIA phono stage, the MRIA + consists of two separate identical mono pre-stages, each with two amplification stages and passive and active RIAA equalization. The input sensitivity of the amplifier stages can be adjusted in a range from +32 dB to +64 dB in order to compensate for the volume differences of the different pickup systems. EUR 1200,-
TRIGON ADVANCE – Sublime Phono amplifier for MM and MC systems with integrated battery power supply and external (charging) power supply unit. With the ADVANCE, pure battery power excludes acoustic network influences on the sensitive phono signals and enables true-to-life music reproduction free of uncontrolled technical additions. Enjoy the sonic progress.
The front-side switching and display of all operating states as well as software-controlled charge control and monitoring of the long-life lead-acid batteries ensure the simplest operation and maximum operational safety. Externally accessible switches enable the gain, resistance and capacity to be optimally adapted to a wide variety of pickup systems. The slim design enables short signal paths to be maintained by placing it in the immediate vicinity of the turntable. EUR 950,-

Price: € 5400,- The RESTEK EMAS is more than just an ordinary Phono Pre. It has seven asymmetrical phono inputs and an additional asymmetrical high-level input. The RESTEK EMAS is the central switching point for systems with several turntables or sound bases. It manages and forwards all external sources. This is done by switching the signal sources, linearizing and amplifying or weakening the output signal as well as special adjustments to the sound boxes for sound optimization.

Rothwell Signature One mc phonostage is one of the finest moving coil phonostages available today, and one of a very rare breed incorporating high quality step-up transformers. EUR 2400,-
Needless to say that we selected the components for the Decade with utmost care again. Thus, for instance, the employed input stages ensure an amazingly low-noise reproduction. It’s not without reason that they can also be found in very high-grade mixing consoles and microphone preamps from makers of professional studio electronics. The ultra-precision passive RIAA equalisation network lies between two linear gain stages and is realised using low-loss precision MKP capacitors. That way transients, dynamics and sonic timbres will get straight to the listener in a genuine manner. Always with your musical enjoyment in mind, we have also developed the PWX II power supply which lets you benefit from a further enhanced performance. This power supply that is equipped with inductive elements at critical points feeds the Decade with very low-noise DC voltages. Like in the Silver Cube it is linked to the audio device via a shielded cable with Neutrik connectors. Since the PWX II power supply is downward compatible with the PWX power supply, the audio devices of the Black Cube series may be connected as well. For this purpose we have provided a dedicated second output.
EUR 1700,-
Rothwell Simplex is a moving magnet phono pre-amp compatible with moving magnet and high output moving coil cartridges, giving superb performance. It uses the same class A discrete transistor circuit topology employed so successfully in the Rialto, but without the Rialto’s extra moving coil gain stage. The result is truly audiophile performance in a simple, compact and affordable unit, rivaling phonostages at many times the price. EUR 350,-
Varieties of Phono Stages can be seen here:
Manufacturer Burr Brown supplies us with – sonically outstanding – gain stages. For the passive RIAA filter network we use high-grade, transient-resistant foil capacitors with narrow tolerance. That way we can ensure that transients, dynamics and sonic timbres will get straight to the listener in a genuine manner. For the bass decoupling between the linear gain stages we use MKP types. Furthermore, all electrolytic capacitors are low-ESR types, all resistors are low-noise metal film versions. We only use switches with gold-plated contacts for toggling between gain or impedance settings resp. EUR 699,-